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Friday, May 4, 2007


If you thought you wanted to be my friend after this weekend you are most definatley
going to change your mind. I AM SUCH A NERD. So guys we officially found you tube and joined the hundreds of thousands of users posting their lives. My user name is Luvlyb33 we are up to 6 videos. We being the roomates... Such nerds :) Ahh... So this is the last video i'm going to post on here. If you want to see them you can play on my facebook or youtube. The things we do in procrastination and caffeine...So tonight has lots of fun in store... more work on the "paper" and then exercise and then some sleep and then lunch and a movie with my darling Alyssa at cinema cafe watching the Spider man 3. It's going to be a productive day. Notice how night turned into the next day .....

Everyone please pray for me as I am looking for a place to live. I may have found a place and will know if I got it (hopefully by Monday at the latest) If not the search is on. Jesus is going to help me and I'll be moving to somewhere on June 1st :) I trust in him.

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