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Friday, February 16, 2007

The calling...

Someone was speaking on Thursday evening; those of you that go to church with me will know where these words are coming from. A certain gentleman whom I have a great amount of respect for was conveying how God had laid a people upon his heart. His name is John and he is a missionary to Zimbabwe. We were having a Q and A and the question was posed. How did you know you were supposed to go to Africa? My crude interpretation of his answer: Because God laid a people upon his heart. People that he didn’t know, people that he didn’t know much about, people that he didn’t really have much in common with, however he would give his life for them. Not speaking of martyrdom (though knowing this man, I am sure he would) but speaking of laying down his life, getting nothing in return, but day after day, working to make their lives better in any way he could. In my life this translates to something smaller, but still important. I am not called to the country of Zimbabwe, but rather to Regent Undergraduate University. I am here serving on Regent Undergraduate Council trying to make the school a better place not only for the students here, but the students that come after us. My heart is for this student body, to help students in any way I can. Touching lives on an individual basis, as well as in groups if the opportunity so arises. To provide support, to provide community, to exude the love of Christ to make your experience at Regent Undergrad a little easier. We have enough hardships in life, we need a helping hand wherever one is extended. What I am trying to say is I love you guys, those of you I know and don’t know yet. Those of you in communications and in every other major, I am here for you, as well as the rest of the team for whatever you need.


p.s. I’m not going to tell you I’m here for you and not extend a way to communicate, feel free to contact me….My e-mail

If you need the council on official business the e-mail is

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Nathan Tillett said...

Hey,..thanks for letting me know that you are here for me. Its always good to know that people are here for you and are willing to help in anyway they can. Thank you.

ps- me, an alter ego? yea, y?

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