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Thursday, February 15, 2007

A journey to Antarctica aka cleaning off my desk...

I lovingly refer to my desk as Antarctica (A barren wasteland)… I’m staring at my desk willing myself to simultaneously clean, study, and write 3 papers…I can do all 3 at the same time, as well as blog. Why you may ask? Because I’m a woman, it’s called multi-tasking. First I will myself to re-read a chapter for a 3rd time trying to get some inspiration for this paper. No pressure or anything, it’s only worth ½ my grade. Then I glance to a copy of a ticket I just plead guilty to. HOT TIP: Always make copy’s before you put something potentially life altering into the mail. HOTTER TIP: If you’re going to talk in the phone in New York use an earpiece or have an extra $115 handy to pay the ticket that you will surely receive. Next to the ticket, Mt. Dew… Heaven’s nectar as we call it in my Tuesday night classes. It keeps me going during my multi tasking marathon. Study, study, study….Check grades, post a reply in world views… some days it just seems like it never ends… then we get to wake up and do it all over again tomorrow :-)


Stef said...

Ohhh the joys of NY! That's where i'm from and can totally relate. Many times have i been on the phone with someone only to say, "Shoot, hold on, cop!" As I drop the phone into my lap DESPERATELY hoping that they didn't see me. Thankfully I've never actually been caught. lol.

I must say that when I came down here it was like a birthday present not having to worry about it! But I'm sorry you got one, no fun. :( Why were up in NY by the didn't happen to be in Oswego did you?! :-P

sarahc said...

I live about a 10 minute drive from the border in pa, however i was going to Canada over thanksgiving break, and they nabbed me!

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