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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

humerous commercials, weigh in

Okay I’m beginning a new series of bogs…. Interactive blogs, where one must weigh in and give their opinion. Today’s topic… Top Ten funniest super bowl commercials… Enjoy….

P.S. Hold down Ctrl and click on the link to follow…

  1. The Career Builder Commercials



  1. Garmin (Power Ranger)

  1. Doritos (Crash)

  1. Whopper Jr.

7. Whopper Jr. #2

8. Paper-scissors- rock

9. K-Fed Commercial

10. Chevy-Hilarious but disturbing


bohdsma said...

*****doritos - humor-benefits mash-up
****chevy - well targeted
***kevin fed. - missed the major point - i can't remember who was the advertiser.

sarahc said...

interesting factoid... in one of my classes we learned the doritos commercial took around 12 dollars to make.. The only thing they bought were the doritos, the commercial was the winner of contest (do it yourself at home style)... That's marketing!

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