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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Romans 14:19 (Read it :)

I decided my goal for the day was to find purpose in my day. If there is no purpose in a day you’re just going to work and making it through the day and going to sleep and getting up and doing it all over again the next day…I have purpose in life. That is our common goal, to save souls for the kingdom…That is no small task, that is actually huge, gargantuan even! (Ten point word score for me) We spend our lives devoted to God, living for Him and sharing the gospel with others, but I hope I’m not alone in saying this some days it doesn’t seem like enough. It might be selfish, I don’t know? It might be terribly wrong to say? Maybe I’m not doing enough…okay, most probably I’m not doing enough… However I feel as if there has to be more in a day. SO…I set out to accomplish. “Daily I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Jesus our Lord…” What exactly is my calling? Leave it to Jesus to shake things up a bit. I’m not sure how everyone feels about prophecy, so take my words however you choose and allow God to speak to you. Growing up I have gotten numerous words about my future. “My daughter, you will travel the waters, you will speak into the ears of the leaders of nations and nations will change. You will bring peace between races.” At work today I received a phone call and a woman began praying for me on the phone. During her praying she in a very meek spirit began to (please excuse my “Christianese”) read my mail, and prophecy to me as she prayed. She spoke “You will travel the oceans and speak to the leaders of the nations. God will create opportunity. You will never lack for words but God will supply your words and teach you what to do….(She spoke of a current situation going on with my roommates where much dissention is found) I am bringing peace to your living situation. You don’t have to worry about it because I am going to bring peace in your home…(She spoke of the loss of my father) God is going to heal your heart from the loss of your father, God says he takes care of the widows and the orphans, you will not lack for any good thing...The woman continued on about my future mate (I don’t like that word)… well anyway, she spoke about my current man situation and my future man situation and she continued for a good ten minutes just being dead on! Afterwards she had to tell me to take 3 deep breaths. And then I went to fake chapel (which is a completely different situation in itself) but at fake chapel we prayed and there was a release… It’s that weight you can physically feel lift off your shoulders. You feel the dark and twistys in your tummy unwind and you feel a little bit lighter….That is when you really feel at peace. No matter what the situation’s look like around you it doesn’t matter because you place your trust in God’s hands. So did I find purpose in my day? Absolutely…. As my mom says, to be the change in someone’s day. To sow in tears and to reap in joy…. To be a peacemaker, that is today’s purpose. The key? New purpose for each day…


Jay's Blog said...

1 tip - when you write that much, make sure you add a picture, it makes stupid people like me happy and makes things more fun to read :)

sarahc said...

my bad, let me see what i can do :)

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