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Monday, April 16, 2007

my mom

Jesus is # 1, but my mom is completely a close second. I don’t think I could express to you all how amazing my mom is. We have those people who love and support us, but then there are the people who go above and beyond. My favorite thing about my mom? She prays for me. We are connected in a way that goes beyond. She just knows things, not because I tell her, but because she senses things. When I have a bad day, she knows. When I can’t sleep, she knows. Back in the day when I was running around doing the crazy things Jesus would wake her up with dreams about what I was doing. She knew, but she loved me unconditionally and prayed for me, and today I am who I am because of her. My mother has always encouraged me to be an individual and supported me breaking the mold. She loves me for my differences and adores me for my broken edges… As a parent she’s a fixer, but as a friend she’s learning to be more of a listener. She trusts in me and more importantly in God for my future. Beyond all of those things she’s mad cool. What kind of mom fights over the remote because I’m want C-Span and she wants pimp my ride? She’s coming to town this week, for a family wedding and to get some new tattoos (not joking about the tattoos…) If you see us around campus make sure to say hello...


Johnny said...

Mm. That's awesome. I have a wonderful mother myself. We both live hectic lives, so our schedules rarely coincide during the day, so we often talk at one or two in the morning. Well, have a lovely week, Sarah!

Kyle Graham said...

It was nice to meet your mom the other day. She seems sweet, and I guess it runs in the family.

Mom's are great.

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