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Friday, March 30, 2007

some family history---

this was from a paper, but it's about me and my background so i thought i would post it....

Sarah Christina Williams is my given name. Williams, my last name, is the first descriptor of my background and heritage. Joseph Monroe Williams, my father was the one to explain to me where our name came from, though the Williams surname is Norman (genealogy). In our family it was passed down from the Williams plantation. My father is a black man, third generation free. His grandpa was born into slavery but died a free man. On my mothers side we are Italian her grandpa Parisella came over on a boat to America from Sicily, Italy. Though I am an American I have strong heritage and culture on both sides. The cultures of my family and those that came before me greatly influence me from simple things like how I look, down to the music I listen to, and what I make for dinner. The strong upbringing from my parents and strong family ties shape my cultural identity. I share many similar beliefs, outlooks, and values with my peers however I am also different in many ways. I am very open, and what most Americans would call “touchy-feely”. I have no personal space, I greet with a hug and or kiss, and some people get genuinely freaked out by that. My communication style is OPEN! Talk, talk, talk, about anything and everything openly and honestly. The upbringing I experienced was unique as it made me who I am. Both parents carefully instilled values that are not normally found in today’s society. My father taught me my word was all I have as a woman that no one could take away. If I would be and who and what I say I am, that is worthy of respect. So that I what I strive for, I respect others and myself, when I give my word I follow through. Another part of my upbringing that was incredibly unique was skin color. My cultural identity affected who I was as a person, for me it brought security as well as questions. In my town growing up we were the only mixed family. I grew up being able to communicate well with both my black family and my white (Italian) family. Wherever I went I had to learn to blend, to fit in. I grew up listening to rap music and boxing with my brothers, I grew up in the kitchen and playing Barbie’s with my sister. My communication skills had to not only be cross culture, but cross gender as well.

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