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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

After work on Wednesday driving to Pennsylvania seemed like a really good idea. I was done at 2:30. I had the car packed and was on the road by 3:20. My mom lives at the very top of Pennsylvania, right near the New York border, but I can complete the trip in 7 ½ to eight hours. That would put me to my mom’s house at 11 at the latest, seemingly no problem… RIGHT… Except the getting stuck! I live in the mountains in a valley so the only way I know to get to my mom’s is back roads and through the mountains. About 2 hours outside of Coudy the fog was so thick coming over the mountains I couldn’t see anything in front of me… I debated pulling my car over and crying like a little girl, but I figured it wouldn’t do me much good, so for the next 2 (turned into 3 ½) hours I pressed on with my hazard lights on, praying, and speaking in tongues… What can I say? I didn’t know what else to do and you don’t get cell service in the mountains that I drive to get home. By the time I got home to surprise my mom I was so happy to be out of the rain and fog, but what had I driven into? SNOW….There was snow everywhere! Wednesday night there was a huge thunderstorm, it poured all night. We woke up to flash flooding on Thursday. Everything then proceeding to freeze then came a blizzard. I picked a great weekend to go home, eh? Needless to say after landing my car in the snow and getting stuck twice if I never the "s" word again, it might be too soon… *brrrr*


Nathan Tillett said...

Man, see what happens when I wear my glasses...I can't come to you're rescue!!! Next time bring Clark along and Superman will save us!!!

sarahc said...

Next time!

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